Thursday, 14 April 2016

Rather pushed for time!

I must admit to struggling a little with NaPoWriMo this time. For a variety of reasons life is extremely busy just now. I'm very glad I haven't committed to putting my daily poems on the blog! Some may see the light of day eventually but they are in a very rudimentary form in my notebook at present ... Still, at least they're there.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester for a Relax and Write weekend course on writing about the past. It looks as if it should be really interesting and it certainly has direct relevance to the major project I'm undertaking at the moment. Talking about writing about the past - I'm currently reading "Portrait of Orkney" by the wonderful Scottish poet the late George Mackay Brown. It's a fascinating account of the heritage and islands from which he came - some poetry, mainly prose, but prose that is so poetic in nature there's really no divide. A lovely book to read.

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